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Our story is deeply rooted within the stories of our  matriarchal and patriarchal  ancestors whom were not only Kings and Queens; they were also from communities of barterers,  self-supporters, self- actualizing, trades people; innovators, inventors, skilled craftspeople and  agriculturalists; most of  whom became  enslaved Africans in America, who brought these skills with them. 


From these tribes of peoples, a  strong, black  business, enterprising ,economic cultural exchange system was created among communities and  has been passed down from generation to generation. Buckett KrOWNs honors the sheer WILL and SACRIFICE of the ancestors and wearing a Buckett  KrOWN  is a symbolic  offering of support to their legacy. 



 Owning a  Buckett KrOWN  is an  investment in honoring the ancestors. They are  a symbol of supporting coorporative economics and global community markets ,which help to support  women and families domestically and globally.  


We buy our  textiles, African tribal jewelry, adornments, materials and products from African women, men and domestic merchants.  We employ trades people who create from our inspirations, a  one of a kind Ankara patchwork "KrOWN, hand crafted, with hair protection satin. Worn as a  symbol of the  pride, courage, beauty and royalty, of any culture; particularly American Africans. 



Our  goals are to continue to produce and manufacture Buckett "KrOWNs" with  complementing African and domestic accessories; to employ and promote OWNership and the  entrepreneurial spirit in communities; and to help women and families  gain  sustainable financial stability and well being.



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